Patience and good practice will help you make the most of your patterns. Have a nice pair of sharp scissors reserved only for paper and card.


Whichever pattern you choose, it will be delivered by recorded mail in a long, strong cardboard tube, complete with a pattern hook (for hanging the lovely card pattern up) and clear yet extensive instructions. Prepare to be delighted.


The all new 5ft/150cm Merchant & Mills tape measure has precise markings adorning the fibreglass tape and a metal tip at one end. In signature black & white and Made by Germans.


Card patterns are very easy and accurate to use. All patterns include a 1.5cm (5/8”) seam allowance.
1. Press your fabric, THIS IS IMPORTANT! You will need the iron out when making your dress so iron your fabric first to mark out more accurately.

2. Lay out fabric on your table or floor.
3. Following the layout instructions place the pattern pieces that fit onto the table or floor, lining up the grain lines with the selvage edge.
4. Some pattern pieces are for cutting out pairs so you will need to mark out one piece before turning the pattern piece over to cut the second of the pair. When doing this you will need to mark the grain line on the other side. Push a pin through each end of the grain line, turn the piece over and draw a line between the two pin marks.
5. When pattern piece says ‘fold’, mark out one side, flip the pattern piece over and butt up to the marked out pattern piece, overlapping the first chalk mark. Chalk out the other side.
6. Weigh down each pattern piece with a weight (tin cans are a great option).
7. Chalk round the pieces.
8. Mark all the notches and dart holes.
9.When everything is marked out cut out, on the inside line of the chalk mark.
10.If you prefer to cut out with the fabric folded,  chalk out all your pieces weighting the pattern pieces down as before, then pin around the shapes to hold both layers of fabric together while cutting. 


Our patterns are developed by Carolyn Denham over several months and go through many tweaks and changes before being deemed fit for your consumption. After approving the final cut, the pattern is then graded before production begins. You will find very few fastenings and no unnecessary difficulty when working from our patterns which start life with an idea and a domestic sewing machine. In our experience, the classic, simple designs that Carolyn favours, place emphasis on the cut and silhouette whilst intentionally avoiding detailing and fastenings which can make even the best dress look homemade.

Our patterns are supplied in individual sizes from 8 to 16 or 18 and include fully illustrated instructions. They do not need to be pinned out but instead are weighted down with pattern weights and marked around with tailor’s chalk. All notches are snipped and all internal details such as darts or pockets are drilled out with holes to be marked. It is a very different experience to wrestling with paper patterns.