The 12 Makes of Christmas – Day 2

A quick weekend sewing project to get you in the Christmas mood. Even nicer with friends, wine and spiced snacks. We made our stockings long and skinny, but you can use up your fabric stash by making all sorts of sizes to fit what you have. Use block prints for a non traditional look, but stripy linens or rich velvets would be very festive. Hang them like a garland across a wall or fireplace or at the end of a bed overflowing with sewing notions, chocolate coins and the obligatory clementine.

Our fabric stockings from left to right:

Yellow Wave cotton | Red Flight cotton | Tomato Spot cotton | Daisy Indigo cotton | Olive Spot cotton | Tomato Stripe cotton | Matchsticks cotton.

Fabric Options from top left to bottom right:

Red Flight cotton | Cross Cross Brown cotton | Frontier Red linen/cotton | Olive Spot cotton | Matchsticks cotton | Navy 11 cotton | Tomato Spot cotton | Soft Shell cotton | Grape cotton | Criss Cross Gold cotton | Mina cotton | Yellow Wave cotton | Gold Hopscotch cotton.