The 12 Makes of Christmas – Day 5

The Field Belt pattern was created for a sewing working we ran at Port Eliot festival this summer. We needed something that was a simple sew, didn’t use too much fabric and that was relatively quick to make. It was a huge success at the festival and we’ve had lots of requests since to sell it as a pattern – fast forward two seasons and here it is!

The Field Belt is designed to carry all of your travel essentials neatly around the waist, perfect in sturdy canvas or oilskin. We think you could make an assembly line and have lots of Christmas presents made in an afternoon. It’s also a good option as a gift for a new sewer looking for their first project. You can order the pattern here and we have also made some hardware kits in brass and nickel. Please note these kits do not include fabric.

The Field Belt in the main picture is made from our Navy Dry Oilskin. 

Fabric Options from top left to bottom right:

Grey Oilskin | Navy Dry Oilskin | Conker Oilskin.