The planning stage of sewing can be just as fun as the actual making. I’ve often overwhelmed myself with all the possibilities of colours and fabrics! The Parka has a few elements to it, the outer fabric, lining fabric (if making the lined version), drawstring cord, ribbing for the neckline, and buttons. You can also add some extra hardware options like cord stops and cord locks.

It can be tricky ordering fabric online, especially trying to match your fabric to the rib. We’ve given you 10 options below to make things a bit easier. If we’ve not covered one of the fabrics you are thinking of using you can always email us for help with matching it up to the rib. Our Barrier Lining in Tan and Black is ideal for the Parka as it has a water repellent finish, giving you extra protection from the elements.

Blackwatch Dry Oilskin | Barrier Lining Black | Sweeps Scrim Rib | Drawstring Webbing Black | Navy Corozo Buttons

Oxblood Dry Oilskin | Tan Barrier Lining | Oxblood Rib | Drawstring Webbing Black | Simple 20mm Buttons

Beige Dry Oilskin | Barrier Lining Black | Scuttle Black Rib | Drawstring Webbing Black | Grey Corozo Buttons

Grey Dry Oilskin | Black Barrier Lining | Ice & Cream Rib | Off White Drawstring Webbing | Grey Corozo Buttons 

Prince of Wales Check Dry Oilskin | Black Barrier Lining |  Sweeps Scrim Rib | Drawstring Webbing Black | Grey Corozo Buttons 

Cumin Dry Oilskin | Barrier Lining Tan | Big Yellow Taxi Rib | Drawstring Webbing Brown | Gold Corozo Buttons 

Bracken Dry Oilskin | Tan Barrier Lining | Chocolate Fern Rib | Drawstring Webbing Brown | Simple 20mm Buttons

Midnight Trench Dry Oilskin | Tan Barrier Lining | Big Yellow Taxi | Drawstring Webbing Brown | Gold Corozo Buttons

Navy Oilskin | Black Barrier Lining | Tonje Rib | Drawstring Webbing Black | Navy Corozo Buttons

French Navy Trench Dry Oilskin | Black Barrier Lining | Jansson Rib | Drawstring webbing Black | Navy Corozo Buttons