‘The noblest pleasure is the joy of understanding.’
Leonardo da Vinci

As we all wriggle and adapt to the new normal, we want to make sure that those of you who are champing at the bit for a retreat, or yearning for some sewing classes, are not left wanting! Whilst it will be some time before we open the school again, we have been working hard to put together some beautiful and informative video content with Katie, one of two sewing teachers at the Merchant & Mills Sewing School. In the first of our full length tutorials, Katie will take you through, step by step, the preparation and construction of the Eve trousers, bringing you the full benefit of her years of experience and uncompromising attention to detail. Learn and follow at your own pace and in the comfort of your own home, office, studio or cave.





The Eve tutorial is as near as we can bring you to attending an actual course but at a fraction of the cost! Katie and the video team have spent weeks making this 2 hour video epic. Filled to the brim with detailed demonstration and dotted with intuitive pause points, the Eve Tutorial is your best friend when making the Eve Trouser. Watch the trailer above for a taster.

The Eve Trouser is cropped, with a slightly tapered leg and optional turn ups. It’s an easy garment to make, fitting neatly at the waist and over the hips with a simple side zip and two back pockets. Choose to make pleats or darts into the waist seam. You will need the EVE Pattern, your cloth and supplies and suitable fabrics can be found under the SUITABLE FABRICS tab.

Once purchased you will be emailed a unique login to the Merchant & Mills PRIVATE VIEWING ROOM where you can view the full video at your leisure. You will be able to return there anytime to reiterate, refresh or review what you’ve learned. Please note you need to ‘checkout’ for this on its own, if you’d like to purchase cloth etc this needs to be done as a separate transaction.

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A neat cross body bag, small but copious. Factotum has been designed to hold all your daily essentials. Fully lined, with two front pockets and a zipped closure. You can use leather or webbing for your strap.

You will need the FACTOTUM Pattern, your cloth and supplies. You can find suggestions for cloth under the SUITABLE FABRICS tab.




We also want to look after those of you who have gone a bit rusty or are new to clothes making. Below you will find a swathe of short videos that illustrate some of the techniques you will want to learn and master. We hope that these will enable you to take the Merchant & Mills patterns and with time, patience and a little bit of guidance, turn them into beautiful clothes. We will be adding more so keep coming back! Sit back and relax as Katie walks you through.

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With thanks to Joe at Lucky Day Films, who brought his considerable documentary skills to Merchant & Mills, and is now more knowledgeable in garment construction than most of the staff.

Thanks to Nancy, Martha, Michelle and Ellie for modelling the Eve Trousers with natural panache.