Voyage to the Desert – Meeting the Masters of Denim

On 1st June, Carolyn and Roderick will be travelling to America to attend ‘Desert in Denim,’ a renegade trade show and festival held annually in California’s High Desert. ‘Desert in Denim’ is a festival for entrepreneurs, artisans, and idealists with denim culture at the heart.

Carolyn will be exhibiting a curated stall of Merchant & Mills goods, including our new denim patterns and denim kits. Roderick will be holding an informal photo booth capturing the stories behind the denim. There will be music, panel discussions, workshops and an outdoor movie night, basically we can’t believe we’re not all going!

On June 2nd and 3rd, the festival is open to the public and you can buy your passes here.  Workshop listings can be viewed here.

All photos courtesy of Desert in Denim. 

What: Desert & Denim

Where: The Institute of Mentalphysics (aka The Joshua Tree Retreat Center), Joshua Tree, CA

When: Friday, June 1st – Sunday, June 3rd