Ellis and Hattie Hacks

Pleating the skirt

Ellis & Hattie have a gathered skirt but there’s no reason you can’t pleat the skirt instead. You don’t need to alter the size or shape of the skirt piece. Below we’ve given two examples of how you can pleat the rectangle. Katie and Elwen’s dresses have smaller pleats whereas Michelle’s are wider. These are our examples of how to do the pleat, but you can create any types of pleats you like, there are many online pleat calculators if you google!

Katie in an old black Japanese wool/cotton (hopefully coming back this Winter!). Elwen in Grigio 160 linen and Portland on the bottom, Katie in Fudge Check linen | Michelle in 5.9oz Japanese Slub Denim. 

Hattie dress with lip

The Hattie dress normally has a dropped waist, for this version Elwen made the bodice the same length as Ellis and created a fold that goes over the skirt seam. You could do this all in the same fabric or choose two different fabrics, like she has here.

Blue version – Navy linen with Wavy Navy skirt. Grey version – Grigio 160 with a Portland skirt.

Widening the neckline

Some people find the neckline of the Hattie and Ellis too high, one option to make it lower is to cut a different size at the neckline to the rest of the pattern.

Lengthening the sleeve, skirt, and creating a hem facing

You’ll notice that Katie has lengthened her sleeves in both dresses, she also lengthened her skirt. We’ve also included an instruction for creating a hem facing as this can be a lovely finish for some fabrics, and gives the skirt some weight.