Adding snaps to your project can sometimes be confusing so we have put together some detailed instructions for you. These metal snaps are ideal for our Barka Dog Coat pattern, or the Landgate pattern.

You can find all 3 colours of the metal snaps here.

You will have:

10 x snaps, each snap consists of 4 parts.

The doughnut, spinning top, T-bar and baby button.

1 x tool (consisting of two parts) the base and pillar.

You will need:

Something to make a hole, we recommend using a leather holepunch.

A hammer.

  1. Punch a hole where indicated by your sewing pattern. Using a small prong to ensure a snug fit.

  1. For the top part of the snap (the side you will see from the right side of your garment) you will need the doughnut and spinning top, use the bowl side of the base and the pointy end of the pillar.

  1. Push the stem of the spinning top through the hole in your fabric from the right side. Place the doughnut on top of the spinning top stem sandwiching the cloth.

  1. Using the pointy end of the pillar, place it in the middle of the doughnut and hammer closed using short, sharp whacks.

Top tip – do this on a surface that is solid to reduce the bounce back. Floors and areas of table above the leg are ideal.

  1. For the second part of the snap you need the T-bar & baby button. Make a hole with the hole punch, push the T-bar through the fabric from wrong side to right side and place the baby button on top sandwiching the cloth. The baby button will be on the right side of your garment.

  1. Using the flat end of the pillar and the side of the base with a raised cone, place the snap on top of the base. Hold in place and hammer with short sharp whacks.


Ta-dah! You should have a fully working snap.


If you are still struggling to get your snaps to work please don’t hesitate to email [email protected].