The Workbook Revisited

The Workbook was published in 2015, nearly 7 years on we feel like the patterns are just as timeless and wearable as they were then.

We’ve made an entire new set of samples to show you in current fabrics.

The Workbook contains 6 classic garments that create a stylish multi-layered wardrobe from scratch. You can see how well they mix together below. The patterns are the Bantam vest, Curlew top and dress, Heron top, Strides, Saltmarsh skirt, and Haremere jacket and coat. The Workbook is £25.

For reference our model Maxine is 5.8, and a UK size 16.


Bantam dress in Mori Tencel linen | Curlew dress in Oxblood 185


Curlew sleeveless top in Portland | Stride trousers in 9oz Organic Half Panama | Haremere coat in Bracken Organic Corduroy 


Curlew sleeveless top in Portland | Saltmarsh skirt in Olivia Tencel linen | Heron wrap top in Woolsey Black Coffee 

Curlew long sleeve top in Bloom organic voile | Headscarves are Payton organic voile and Hewitt cotton