‘The noblest pleasure is the joy of understanding.’

Leonardo da Vinci

We currently offer 3 different online classes, The Florence, The Eve and The Factotum. These three classes walk you through every stage of the process, from setting up your cloth to perfecting the finishing details, they can be viewed at any time, for life. We also have an array of free tutorials covering various skills and techniques found in Merchant & Mills patterns. Our informative video content has been produced with Katie, who as well as developing all of our patterns, is the lead teacher at the Merchant & Mills Sewing School. 

We offer online classes for the Eve Trousers, Factotum bag and the Florence dress and top. 
We are glad to be running our sewing retreats again at our studio above the shop in Rye.
We've created a series of free videos that take you through the various dressmaking techniques found in our patterns.  .