Wide Leg Eve Pattern Hack

Our web assistant Pia made these great wide leg Eve trousers, with just a few simple adjustments using the 101 trousers. To make this version you will need the wide leg version of the 101.

Pia used our 12oz Organic Twill in Stanley Tan. The shirt is a yet to be released pattern, and has been made using the Warm White 160 linen. You can find the 101 and Eve patterns here. PDF versions. Paper versions.

These illustrations are not to scale, Pia used a size 8 pattern.

Step 1:

Start by getting the leg pattern pieces for the Eve and 101 trousers. (Shown here the two front legs).

Step 2:

Using a set square or equivalent, create a 90° angle from the grainline on the front 101 pattern piece. Measure 10cms down from the crotch on the inside seam.

Repeat process for the back leg and the Eve front and back legs.

Step 3:

Discard the top of the 101 pattern pieces and the bottom of the Eve pieces. Attach the Eve top to the 101 bottom, roughly matching up the side seams. They now won’t match perfectly, so take a middle ground.

Step 4:

Redraw the grain line. Smooth off the outside and inside leg side seams where the patterns join.

Repeat steps for the back leg.

Check the length of the leg, you can make it shorter or longer using the lengthen/shorten lines, also think about what you want to do with your hem. For example Pia wanted a deep hem, this helps the hang of a garment and creates structure. Pia turned 1.5cm once then 5cm.