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Our newest book. Six classic garments that create a stylish multi-layered wardrobe from scratch. Make fashion work. Click on the pattern names below to be taken to fabric suggestions.

Full-size patterns are provided for a neat vest with a boxer back detail, an elegant bias-cut long-sleeved dress, a simple long gathered skirt with a drawstring waist, a batwing wrap top, an oversized drop-shoulder jacket and a pair of classic wide leg trousers. There are also style variations within 4 of the patterns. The aim of this book is to move beyond simplicity and dare the maker to develop new skills.

Pattern errata:

Heron. Place both tie pattern pieces on the fold.

Bantam. Neck and arm pattern pieces are labelled incorrectly. The arm pattern piece is for your neck bias strip and vice versa.

Bantam Vest
 140cm wide120cm wide
Size 81.25M1.35M
Size 101.30M1.45M
Size 121.35M1.55M
Size 141.35M1.65M
Size 161.40M1.75M
Size 181.40M1.75M
Bantam Dress
 140cm wide120cm wide
Size 81.65M1.75M
Size 101.65M1.80M
Size 121.70M1.90M
Size 141.75M2.00M
Size 161.80M2.00M
Size 181.90M2.00M
Curlew Sleeveless T Shirt
 140cm wide1.20cm wide
Size 81.55M1.55M
Size 101.60M1.60M
Size 121.65M1.65M
Size 141.70M1.70M
Size 161.75M1.75M
Size 181.80M1.80M
Curlew Long Sleeved Top
 140cm wide120cm wide
Size 84.20M4.20M
Size 104.20M4.20M
Size 124.30M4.30M
Size 144.40M4.40M
Size 164.60M4.60M
Size 184.80M4.80M
Curlew Dress - can only be made with 140cm + wide fabric
 140cm wide
Size 83.00M
Size 103.00M
Size 123.10M
Size 143.20M
Size 163.40M
Size 183.60M
Heron Top
 140cm wide120cm wideInterfacing
Size 81.45M1.70M0.75M
Size 101.45M1.70M0.75M
Size 121.45M1.75M0.75M
Size 141.50M1.75M0.75M
Size 161.70M2.40M0.75M
Size 181.75M2.40M0.75M
Saltmarsh Skirt
 140cm wide120cm wide
Size 81.95M2.00M
Size 101.95M2.10M
Size 122.00M2.10M
Size 142.00M2.25M
Size 162.00M2.25M
Size 182.00M2.25M
Haremere Jacket
 140cm wide120cm wideLiningInterfacing
Haremere Coat
 140cm wide120cm wideLiningInterfacing
Stride Shorts
 140cm wide120cm wideLiningInterfacing
Size 81.20M1.40M0.25M0.25M
Size 101.20M1.40M0.25M0.25M
Size 121.25M1.50M0.25M0.25M
Size 141.25M1.50M0.25M0.25M
Size 161.40M1.60M0.25M0.25M
Size 181.40M1.60M0.25M0.25M
Stride Trousers
 140cm wide120cm wideLiningInterfacing
Size 82.20M2.40M0.25M0.25M
Size 102.20M2.40M0.25M0.25M
Size 122.25M2.50M0.25M0.25M
Size 142.25M2.50M0.25M0.25M
Size 162.40M2.60M0.25M0.25M
Size 182.40M2.60M0.25M0.25M