Make a Dress – Level 3

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This class is designed for those who have either completed our level 2, or have a good level of confidence with dressmaking.

We will cover the following:

  • Inserting a collar.
  • Accurate top stitching.
  • Creating a well executed placket.
  • Creating in seam pockets.
  • Making buttonholes.
  • Learning the art of pairing fabric and pattern.
  • Measuring yourself and selecting the correct size.
  • Tweaking fitting issues.
  • Suitable seam finishes for different fabrics.

You will have the option option of making one of these patterns:

  • Hattie & Ellis
  • Francine
  • Rugby

What is included in your class:

  • 1 of the patterns listed above, any extra patterns are an additional cost.
  • Machine threads.
  • A Bernina sewing machine and overlocker. We ask that you don’t bring your own sewing machine please.
  • 10% discount in the Rye shop for the duration of your class.
  • Plentiful supply of tea/coffee and small snacks.
  • Lunch.
  • A Merchant & Mills notebook and pencil.
  • All relevant Merchant & Mills tools and notions.

Please note you have the option of having the pattern posted to your before the class to cut out. If you know the size you are going to make this will give you more sewing time in the class!


Fabric is not included in this class.

Ideally it is best to prewash your fabric before your class, as all fabric will shrink a little on the first wash. However if you go for our laundered linens these have already been pre washed.

If you want to select your fabric on the day of your course, please come approximately 20-30mins early to give you enough time to select something.


 Sizes 8 & 10Sizes 12 & 14Sizes 16 & 18
Self 120cm wide2.80M2.90M3.00M
Self 140cm wide2.50M2.60M2.80M
Self 150cm wide2.50M2.60M2.80M
Lining 120cm wide0.60M0.90M1.00M
Lining 140 & 150cm wide0.60M0.60M0.60M
Fusible Interfacing0.20M0.20M0.20M


 Sizes 8 & 10Sizes 12 & 14Sizes 16 & 18
120cm wide2.80M2.90Mn/a
140cm wide2.60M2.70M2.90M
150cm wide2.60M2.70M2.90M
Fusible Interfacing0.20M0.20M0.20M


Style 1 with contrasting cuff, collar and placket

  Size 6Size 8 - 12Size 14 - 16
Main fabric110cm wide2.70M3.10M3.20M
Main fabric120cm wide2.70M2.70M3.20M
Main fabric140cm wide1.90M1.90M2.70M
Main fabric150cm wide1.70M1.90M2.10M
Contrast fabric110cm wide0.35M0.40M0.40M
Contrast fabric120cm wide0.25M0.40M0.40M
Contrast fabric140 - 150cm wide0.25M0.30M0.30M
Fusible interfacing0.25M0.25M0.25M

Style 2 all in the main fabric

  Size 6Size 8 - 12Size 14 - 16
Main fabric110cm wide2.80M3.00M3.50M
Main fabric120cm wide2.50M2.60M3.30M
Main fabric140cm wide2.00M2.00M2.90M
Main fabric150cm wide2.00M2.00M2.20M
Fusible interfacing0.25M0.25M0.25M


 Size 6Size 8 - 12Size 14 - 18
83cm wide without nap3.25M3.40M3.50M
120cm wide without nap2.00M2.40M2.50M
140cm wide without nap1.90M1.95M2.15M
150cm wide without nap1.90M1.95M2.00M


Our courses are non refundable unless we have a reserve list, and we can fill your space.

We reserve the right to cancel the class giving you a two weeks notice. You will receive a full refund if your class is cancelled.