Black Crisp£15.00/metre

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An unusual black crispy bonded fabric. This fabric is water resistant – which means the water will run off. But it is not fully waterproof. It is two pieces of fine cotton bonded together.

This would be ideal for lightweight anoraks, or parkas.

This is an overstock fabric. Overstock fabric is excess fabric from fashion designers, movie sets, and fabric mills that is no longer needed for the job it was originally intended for. Sometimes with overstock fabric you won’t receive the weight of the cloth, so we have estimated this for you. Also it is not re order able, so when it’s gone, it’s really gone.

  • 65% cotton, 35% pa
  • 146cm wide, approx 5oz
  • Country of origin; Italy.
  • Wash at 30/40 degrees.

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