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A cotton canvas from The London Cloth Company. 181cm wide.

Daniel Harris started the company in October 2011 and is the first micro-mill to open in London. Daniel specialises in quality woven cloth, particularly woolens, produced on  carefully restored shuttle looms dating from the 1870s. He uses the same techniques that have not changed for decades. You can read more about Daniel’s work here.

This feels like a thick canvas, with a slightly open weave. This is an ideal fabric for jacket and coats, and would be perfect for our Ottoline or Foreman jacket.

This cloth is rope dyed, it is the best possible indigo dyeing method for yarn, the threads of denim yarn are initially twisted into a rope, then undergo a repetitive sequence of dipping and oxidization.  The more frequent the dipping and oxidizing, the stronger the indigo shade.

Wash at 30 degrees. We recommend for the first couple of washes, place the fabric in the drum with a handful of table salt. This will help fix the dye, but note this fabric will continue to lighten over time.

Cassidy Indigo is suitable for the following patterns in our Workbook: Haremere.


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