Nettle Dry Oilskin£54.00/metre

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A very special dry oilskin made in the UK made from 55% nettle fibre and 45% cotton.

162 cm wide, 450gsm/13oz.

A heavy, tightly woven cloth, suitable for bag making. The colour of this oilskin looks especially good with our veg tan leather straps. This type of oilskin is water resistant, so this means that the water doesn’t completely run off it, but it won’t come through to the other side either. Hand wash only, use a cool setting on your iron. Unlike normal oilskin there would be no oil transfer so you don’t need to line your bag.

Nettle fabric was originally developed for the Swiss Army. During the WW2 Switzerland was militarily a neutral country and as such became a safe haven for refugees etc. To stop the flight of refugees additional border controls were added by the Germany forces and effectively Switzerland became blocked and the movement of people and goods became restricted – Cotton started to become a scarce commodity.

To extend the use of a limited resource it was decided Cotton fibre would only be used for apparel garments, vests, shirts etc. For industrial applications, canvases etc. other fibres were sought and the Swiss developed a method of taking Nettle fibre and blending it with Cotton to produce a yarn that could be woven into heavier fabrics. The Nettle fabric produced today keeps true to its original heritage using the original construction dating back to the 1940’s.

The Nettle used in this cloth is sourced in Italy.

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