Yard Shorts ‘Cool Tones’ £15£15.00

Yard Shorts – shorter than a yard!

A beautiful bundle of Merchant & Mills fabrics in cool tones (blues and greens).


Each fabric has been marked down by 40% to be included in the bundle and are non refundable. They contain a mixture of fabrics which we still have in stock or end of rolls that we can’t get again.

Please note:

  • The picture in our gallery is only an example of what your bundle may look like, your fabrics will be chosen at random but always with a good eye! It is a lucky dip.
  • They can be a mix of fabrics i.e. cotton/linen/wool, or they can sometimes just have one type of fabric in.
  • Sometimes a £25 may be smaller in size than a £15 bundle, this is because of the cost of the fabric by the metre.
  • The fabrics will be a mixture of lengths but will never be less than 20cm wide and always full width, i.e. selvedge to selvedge.