The Rugby PDF£8.00

Kick off your day with our feminine semi-fitted take on the traditional rugby shirt. Make a try for contrast collar, cuffs and placket or stand firm in a solid colour throughout.

Skill level; Intermediate

Suitable for linen or light wools, light to medium weight woven cottons such as drill or sanded canvas.

Please note all seam allowances for this pattern are 1cm. You will need 3 x 12mm buttons.

This is a multi-size PDF pattern. Sizes are UK 6 – 18. All seam allowances are 1cm.

This PDF gives you the A4 (US compatible) and A0(copy shop) versions.

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FABRIC REQUIREMENTS: Style 1 with contrasting cuff, collar and placket
  Size 6Size 8 - 12Size 14 - 16
Main fabric110cm wide2.70M3.10M3.20M
Main fabric120cm wide2.70M2.70M3.20M
Main fabric140cm wide1.90M1.90M2.70M
Main fabric150cm wide1.70M1.90M2.10M
Contrast fabric110cm wide0.35M0.40M0.40M
Contrast fabric120cm wide0.25M0.40M0.40M
Contrast fabric140 - 150cm wide0.25M0.30M0.30M
Fusible interfacing0.25M0.25M0.25M
FABRIC REQUIREMENTS: Style 2 all in the main fabric
  Size 6Size 8 - 12Size 14 - 16
Main fabric110cm wide2.80M3.00M3.50M
Main fabric120cm wide2.50M2.60M3.30M
Main fabric140cm wide2.00M2.00M2.90M
Main fabric150cm wide2.00M2.00M2.20M
Fusible interfacing0.25M0.25M0.25M
 Size 6Size 8Size 10Size 12Size 14Size 16Size 18
 Size 6Size 8Size 10Size 12Size 14Size 16Size 18
Pattern errata: The numbers on the sleeve head are the wrong way around. It should read 6 on the inside and 18 on the outside. We have improved the instructions for numbers 9, 10 & 11. Click here to download the amendment.