Bunny and Warwick

These are two of our resident pups Bunny and Warwick sitting like such good doggies on their new bed.

It’s hard to find a good looking dog bed – and these are so simple to make and you can custom make to the size of your pup. We used our Ecru Denim for the base and our Carolina linen for the top. And the little ties are made from Sunnyside linen.

We bought a square feather cushion, removed some of the feathers, mitred all four corners. The cover is made like a normal cushion cover but with the four corners mitred and then we used some hand stitches with tough thread to create the quilted look. The little ties are stitched on and are purely decorative. Depending how much of a pest your dog is they may use these ties as their new chewing toy!!

The cloths used for this project are below.

Fabrics from left to right | CarolinaEcru Denim, Sunnyside