Cloth Picks – Sunday Dressing Gown

From left to right | Peche linen with a Bantam dress from our Workbook in Portand | Kingly Dark | Constable linen with Pluto 101 Trousers.

Summer Farm Stripe and Compote  are both soft, lightweight Indian cottons. These would make beautiful gowns for warmer weather | Tottorri Cross Jam is a Japanese seersucker, it is lightweight but tightly woven and quite springy so would keep it’s shape rather than falling softly. Tottorri comes in lots of colours. 

Recycled Brushed Linen in Summer Sky is a brushed linen blend which means the surface will feel very soft against your skin, this comes in Marl and Limon too | Tencel/Linen Voyage Navy is a linen and Tencel mix, Tencel is a very drapey fibre, the linen gives it a slubby texture but it’s still quite a dressy fabric. Ideal if you want a smarter feel to your dressing gown! Fudge Check This linen is in the same family as Peche (picture at the top) it’s such an unusual shade and perfect for sleepwear.

Woolsey Mr Citrus Woolsey has a small amount of wool, so it’s very cosey but without that wooly itchy feeling, bear in mind you’d have to wash this on a wool wash. Our restock of Woolsey will be here very soon! Milk Waffle Linen ideal choice for a classic dressing gown, just steer clear of Jam in the morning. This will also be available in Ginger and Scuttle black soon | Acid House Go bright or go home, fairly weighty and slubby this will get your day off to the best start! Other cloths in this ‘family’ are Pavo Blue, Corallium, Andy Pink, and Scandium.