Cloth Picks – Workaday Apron

From left to right | 12oz Organic Twill in Stanley Tan | Four Stripe Linen in Slate | Patch Linen.

Our current favourite denim, 12oz Organic Japanese perfect for using contrasting jeans thread | This cotton/linen is woven in a micro mill in France, the linen yarn is fairly unprocessed which gives the surface of the denim a slightly wiry appearance (although is not wiry to the touch at all), lovely to make somebody as a special gift | Washed Western Twill is an Italian canvas in classic workwear blue, this canvas will soften and age beautifully over time.

Good and hardy for the workshop, Conker Oilskin will marble and distress over time. As it’s thick I’d suggest using tape for the neck and ties | Olive Dry Oilskin, probably the easiest fabric to choose if you’re a beginner as it behaves itself nicely, perfect if you want a utilitarian look | Eucalyptus is a fairly thick washed Japanese canvas, I’d love to see this being used with some contrast bar tacks on the pockets.

Go all white with Bull Denim and matching 25mm British webbing | Bathgate Blue is a mid weight linen so ideal if you want the drape of linen but still want a bit of structure, this linen also comes in other shades Patch, Constable, and Mixed Moss| Silt Grey 185 was the cloth we originally use for this design when we used to sell them in our Rye shop, soft and drapey perfect for wearing around the house or in the kitchen.