From left to right | Shelby with 15mm Scuttle Black Cotton Buttons, lined with Hemp/Organic Cotton in Olwin Grey| Tumbled Linen Christensen 160 with 15mm Scuttle Black Cotton Buttons, lined with Hemp Black | 8oz Aki with 14mm Horn Off White Buttons, lined with Calico.

Our newest pattern, The Miller, is a softly structured waistcoat with two welt pockets and a simple stitched belt at the back. The belt can be finished with a stitch, but we also have some beautiful Italian sliders on order!

The pattern can be made up in a wide range of fabrics, like linen, corduroy, cotton canvas and wool. Keep in mind that the cloth you choose will alter the overall look and feel of the waistcoat – a cotton canvas will give you a more structured, boxy look, while a linen will have more of a soft, casual drape. We always recommend making a toile with something of a similar weight to check the fit.

The Miller waistcoat pattern can be found here in sizes UK 6 – 28.

Chiyo Brown + Hemp Black + Cotton Button Sweeps Scrim 15mm

Bernera Harris Tweed + Hemp/Organic Cotton Gingernut + Howie 15mm


10oz Deep Indigo Japanese Double Gauze + Tencel/Linen Olivia + 14mm Horn Off White 

Petrol Corduroy 11 + Hemp/Organic Cotton Olwin Grey + Cotton Button Studio Navy 15mm