We had a lot of fun designing these striped ribs, mixing up colour combinations and trying to find the right balance. The idea was to create some ribbing that would compliment our cloth collection and would work well the Fielder dress or top pattern. We already have some ribbing dyed to match our popular linen colours but it’s harder to find well coloured stripey ribbing. You could also use them on our Men’s Tee Shirt pattern as well as other items like sweatshirts or bomber jackets.

Please note these ribs are sold by the piece and not by the metre. They are all roughly 105cm’s long, 5.5cm’s wide, £7.75 per piece and made in France. View all of the colour combinations here. 

Our Fielder Tops from left to right:

Oxblood linen with Ice and Cream rib and plain Oxbood rib for the cuffs and bottom band.

Barre linen with Chocolate Fern rib.

Woolsey Goodnight with Jansson rib. We took off the bottom band and lengthened the top here.

How to use our ribs:

These ribs will stretch by half again, just like our plain ribbing, so you will be able to use the pattern pieces in the Fielder/Tee pattern. You can see from our samples that we have used different seam allowances to attach the ribbing, this is a personal preference depending how much of the ribbing you want to see. The ribs can be attached with an overlocker or use a small zig zag stitch on a normal domestic machine.

For the Men’s Tee Shirt pattern you will just need one strip for all sizes. You can actually get two necklines out of one strip.

For the Fielder Dress you will need one strip for sizes 12 and under and two strips for sizes 14, 16 and 18.

For the Fielder Top, you will need two strips for sizes 10 and under and three strips for sizes 12, 14, 16 and 18. You could always use plain rib on the bottom which would be more cost effective.

If you like a fabric but are not sure which rib will match it you can order samples or just email us, we are happy to suggest combinations.