Before Christmas Carolyn and Roderick travelled to Japan for a couple of weeks in search of beautiful textiles. They brought back a selection of Boro textiles which you can view here. Excitement levels were at all time high when they arrived in the workshop, even if you can’t stretch to one we think they provide so much inspiration.

Boro derives from the Japanese term boroboro, meaning something tattered or repaired. Boro textiles are mended or patched textiles from Japan. Born out of necessity they were stitched together by rural peasant women who would mend, conceal and patch the holes and tears in their family’s work clothes and frayed futon covers.

We have tried to take lots of photos to show all areas of the pieces, but we do encourage you to come into our shop if you would like to view them in person. Boro textiles are antiques, so they will show visible signs of wear and ageing and should be treated with care.