Linen is one of the world’s oldest fabrics, celebrated for its strength, softness and subtle lustre. The perfect summer fabric, cool to the touch and absorbent, it will keep you fresh in the hottest of weather.

Linen is lint free, moth resistant and is stronger when wet. It is naturally dirt, stain and abrasion resistant. It is produced from the flax plant that require few or no pesticides to cultivate. This is why we love it.

The simple white linen dress teamed with natural leather sandals or a pair of converse is a clean, sophisticated, yet surprisingly dramatic statement. Keep styles relaxed and informal and let the fabric crumple. We have made the Trapeze, Fielder, Ellis and Camber. These are all very simple to make and easy to wear. These could be your holiday wardrobe is sorted.

Caring for linen: linen can be washed at high temperatures, although we recommend 30 degrees, avoid tumble drying regularly, line dry if possible. As linen has low elasticity (causing it to crease easily) do not fold away, repeated folding in the same place will cause the fibres to break eventually. Keep linen garments hanging up. Bleaching will damage the fibres as will certain strong antiperspirants. Press while damp.

From top left to bottom right:

Fielder Dress in Virgin White linen.

Camber Dress in Virgin White linen.

Trapeze Dress in Milk Heavy linen. We made an opening for the back at the neckline and made a simple tie with the linen to fasten.

Fielder Top in Virgin White linen and ribbing. These are not our Heroine jeans.

Ellis dress in Virgin White linen. We decided to line the bodice to make it more opaque.

Many thanks to Harriet Olins for being such a fun and willing model. Harriet wears a size 12 in these samples.