Musings on Brexit

Update – all EU orders are now being sent vat and duty paid so you won’t have to pay anything additional your end.

Our ethos has always been to go to the countries that do each cloth the best, block prints and hand weaves from India, subtle stunning designs from Japan and Korea. Having said that the bulk of our product comes from Europe and the UK. All our beautiful linens are produced from Flax grown in Belgium and are woven in Lithuania, oilskins and woollens from the UK, down to one man production of unique denims in France. Even the majority of our sewing supplies, pins, rulers, scissors, tape measures and more are produced either in the UK or Europe.

Under normal circumstances this would be such an exciting time of the year for us, we would be running amok around the UK and Europe visiting both key textile shows and the mills we work with.  It gives us a chance not only to find new product but to have the conversations about sustainability and chain supplies.

We will miss these discussions with our friends dearly, however, we have used this time to develop our design department and now the main thrust of our work involves both creating our own beautiful cloth but also pushing the environmental impact of everything we do.  We have worked with the same mills in the EU now for many years and in that we have found a common language of both design and provenance.

These are difficult times for everyone all over the world and here in the UK we are also faced with the challenges of Brexit. The new trade agreement means that anything produced in the with EU and UK is tariff free. So, although we will always bring our customers the gorgeousness of Japan, India and Korea, we will endeavour to develop more EU/ UK product to ensure that we can supply the best cloth and product without incurring extra costs for our customers.

We thank you all for your amazing, continued support we will in return endeavour to bring you the best we can, designing patterns and cloth to inspire people to step away from fast fashion and to be mindful with making.

If you have any queries about shipping and taxes you can email [email protected] for clarification.

Fabrics pictured – Squire Check, Tangerine Dreams, Fudge Check, Tottorri Cross Mustard, Constable, Marmalade Cracker.