Jacquard Inspiration...

Our cotton jacquard is soft and cosy and perfect for comfortable clothing like our oversized Sidney sweatshirt or a winter dress. As well as clothing you can keep it very simple and use it for a throw for a bed, either just as it is, bagged out with a backing, or with a backing with wadding in between for maximum squish. It’s a wonderfully tactile and textural fabric that we are very happy to have in our collection.

The fabric is 120cm wide, and £24/m. The reverse is a gauzy cotton, there is no batting in the middle of this cloth, the inside is made up of a series of thicker yarns which gives it the quilted feel. The top is a fine cotton.

You can view all of the jacquard here.

Sarah is wearing the Ellis dress in Quink Jacquard which has been slightly lengthened. 

Elwen is wearing the Sidney jumper in Rushes Jacquard with Sky Dip ribbing

We have use Shadow Jacquard to make a simple envelope cushion.

Elwen is wearing the Sidney Jumper in Dauphine Jacquard with Matte Pink ribbing.

Our Orton bag made in Quink Jacquard

Sarah is wearing the Sanda coat in Hardy Falls  Jacquard

Sasha is wearing the Sanda jacket in Natural Jacquard

Our Hot water bottle cover in Shadow Jacquard 

Claire is wearing the Sidney jumper in Quink Jacquard

Tash is wearing the Sidney jumper in Natural Jacquard with Ecru Rib

Pollen Jacquard throw, we have a simular pattern for this in our Sewing Book - Making the Throw