The Sidney UK 6 - 18
The Sidney UK 6 - 18
The Sidney UK 6 - 18
The Sidney UK 6 - 18
The Sidney UK 6 - 18
The Sidney UK 6 - 18
The Sidney UK 6 - 18
The Sidney UK 6 - 18
The Sidney UK 6 - 18
The Sidney UK 6 - 18
The Sidney UK 6 - 18
The Sidney UK 6 - 18

The Sidney UK 6 - 18

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Fabric Requirements / Size Chart
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Sidney is a boxy sweatshirt with a loose crew neck and finger skimming sleeves.

All seam allowances are 1cm unless otherwise stated.

Skill level - beginner.

Fabric suggestions - To get the structured boxy shape of Sidney, choose a medium to heavy weight cloth. Sweat shirting, jersey loopback and our cotton jacquards are ideal. For the ribbing we sell pre cut strips which you can view here.

Paper vs PDF

If you order a paper copy you will be sent a printed version of our pattern. If you select PDF, you are purchasing a digital file which will be stored on your account to be downloaded at any time. PDF's will include a tiled, an A0 copy shop file and your instructions. The tiled file can be used on any home printer and stuck together and is compatible with both A4 and US letter paper. Alternatively, you can send off the copy shop file to be printed full size; we can usually recommend someone in your area. If you are in the UK, we would recommend either The Fold Line or Net Printer. The instructions can either be printed at home or simply follow along on your computer or phone. 

You will need

Matching thread.

Ribbing - If you are using our pre cut ribbing you will need 3 strips for sizes 6 - 14 and 4 strips for sizes 16 - 18. We have done a blog where we make suggestions on which ribs go with each jacquard colours - you can see that here. Note - you can leave the ribbing off of the bottom of the sweatshirt, in which case you will only need 2 strips for all sizes.

Fabrics Pictured (from left to right)

Quink Jacquard Cotton with True Navy Rib. 

Grey Organic Loopback with Ecru Chunky Rib.

Rushes Jacquard with Sky Dip rib. She has left the ribbing off of the bottom.

Soft Stitch Navy with True Navy Rib.

Black Organic Loopback with Black Rib.

The cut out image is our Arlo Jacquard Cotton with Grey Marl Rib. 

Please note this is an oversized sweatshirt, please do consult the finished measurements table. If you don't want the oversized look we advise sizing down.



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The Ecru Chunky Rib
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